NJ Sandy Resources

Nov 6

Mandatory Evacuation for Parts of Brick Township

From the New Jersey State Emergency Operations Center:

The Brick Township Office of Emergency Management is monitoring a Nor’ Easter that has the potential to strongly impact our town with high winds, storm surge and flooding. The Brick Township Office of Emergency Management has issued a Mandatory Evacuation for all residents that reside in the low lying waterfront areas of town that are prone to flooding and/or storm surge by Tuesday November 6, 2012 at 6:00 P.M.

These areas include but are not limited to;

  • Midstreams neighborhood East of Jordan Rd.
  • Area of Island Dr. in Cedarcroft
  • North & South Dr. (Metedeconk)
  • Princeton Ave. East of Beaver Dam Rd.
  • Cedarbridge Manor East of Lions Lane
  • Vanada Woods
  • Eagle Pass
  • Sandy Point
  • Tilton Rd
  • Cranberry Cove
  • Swan Point Park including Beaton and Gale Rd.
  • Baywood East of Pilot Dr. and Mandolay Dr.
  • Cherry Quay South of Tiller Lane
  • Sailors Quay off of Pleasant Dr., North Pier and South Sailors Quay
  • Waterfront Property in Mallard Point
  • Seaview Dr. & Seaview Ave in Seaview Village
  • Shore Acres
  • Seawood Harbor
  • Waterfront Property in Bay Harbor

Residents whose homes that do not fall into the Mandatory area that have been damaged and/or affected from Hurricane Sandy are strongly encouraged to evacuate. Residents are encouraged to seek shelter with friends and/or family who are in a safe location.  For those residents that require transportation to a shelter, you can contact the call center at 732-262-1234.

Nov 6

Call 2-1-1

For help locating local assistance related to Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. You can also visit the 2-1-1 website here.

Nov 6

Prepare for the Nor’Easter NOW

For those looking for a safe place to go during the storm, you can visit the Red Cross shelter site here.

If you are staying in your home without power the Red Cross recommends

  • Gathering everyone, including pets, in one room - a small, well-insulated room with few windows. A room facing south is warmer. Block this room off and put cardboard and blankets over the windows at night to minimize heat loss. If you have hardwood floors, add a carpet or blanket.
  • Dress in thin layers instead of bulky garments. Wear a hat, gloves, scarf and heavy socks. Wrap oneself in blankets if needed. Use hand and feet warmers if available.
  • At bedtime, get under layers of blankets and wear layer layers of clothing and a hat.
For additional information please visit the Red Cross preparation site here.
Nov 6

Emergency disaster assistance expanded to all NJ counties

To find out if you’re eligible visit http://www.disasterassistance.gov/

Nov 6

Hot Meals in Newark (as of 11/6)

The following locations in Newark are serving hot meals throughout the day.  For more information, visit the Occupy Sandy Relief for New Jersey website.

502 Summer Ave.
595 Mt. Prospect Ave.
444 Mt. Prospect Ave.
136 Tiffany Blvd.
1 Court St.
2 Speedway Dr.
285 Burnett St.
1060 Broad St.

Nov 6

Displaced by Sandy, need a place to stay?

FEMA is providing hotel and motel accommodations to those who’ve been unable to return to their homes from Hurricane Sandy.

For more information on the program click here.

For additional information and updates from the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management click here.

Nov 6


For first responders and those who are unable to return to their homes, keep in mind that the deadline to download the mail-in ballot is 5pm and you MUST submit it by email or fax by 8pm. 

For more details click here.

Nov 6

Find your Disaster Recovery Center

A Disaster Recovery Center is a readily accessible facility or mobile office where applicants may go for information about FEMA or other disaster assistance programs, or for questions related to your case.

Click here to find the nearest center 

Nov 6

Find your pet

Originally from the Huffington Post:

Lost and Found (all affected areas): A Facebook group called “Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets" is trying to facilitate reunions of pets and their owners by giving people a place to share photos and information. It already has more than 7,200 likes. Many of the pets disappeared when doors or gates blew open in the high winds, or when they slipped out of their collars.

Left-Behind Pets (NY): For New York City evacuees who need to report pets who were left at home during the storm, call the city’s hotline at 347-573-1561.

Pet-Friendly Shelters (all affected areas): You can find listings of pet-friendly shelters from Global Animal and the Examiner.

Nov 6


The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM) shares this information in order to help identify “possible” locations of fuel, food, hotel and pharmacy availability that may be open in specific geographic areas  to support planning and response activities.

As with all disasters, this information is subject to change without notice.

To view the list of locations click here.